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DISCOVER your true self

  • Understand how your mind works
  • Leverage on your universal hidden potentials
  • Achieve peak performance earlier in your life
  • Achieve success in your wealth, health, career and relationships


  • Based on breakthrough scientific research
  • Based on Statistics
  • Not a religion, no superstitions
  • Based on Mathematics, one of which include the Law of Pythagoras


  • No lengthy questionnaires
  • Easy to understand
  • Accurate up to 90%
  • Assess any individual’s main profile in under a minute
UCMHP Live Preview 1

“When I was recruiting staff for my new department, I used UCMHP to help shorten my candidate selection time. The staff I eventually hired really matches the UCMHP profile and he is able to perform to my expectations in my department!”

Mr. Kek

Explore the inner workings of the human behavioural mind and understand how we think, how we develop our desires and goals, and most importantly, how we give meaning to our life experiences, all through the research done by Dr. Bernard Yeo. Using UCMHP, or Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling, the methodology is a 21st century breakthrough and evolution of character profiling.


Find out what type of career path suits you the best, your overall wealth and luck, how you can best leverage on your destiny to achieve financial breakthroughs, and even the most ideal mobile telephone numbers, office address and car numbers.

UCMHP Live Preview 1

At the end of this free seminar, you would also be able to find out your Universal Character number, and learn how you can use this knowledge to your life’s advantage. If you are lucky, Dr. Bernard Yeo might even provide you with a FREE personal reading, something that people have to pay and queue for up to 3 months to get it.

UCMHP Live Preview 1

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