UCMHP Life Mentor HR Recruitment

UCMHP Life Mentor HR Recruitment


The UCMHP Life Mentor HR Recruitment course aims to enhance your hiring process by finding the best-qualified and most compatible candidate (from within or outside the organization) for the right job, in the right department, for the right superior in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

It’s a recruitment process for the 21st century: the Universal Characteristic Human Profiling Method. A multi-tiered process, the course will teach attendants to firstly analyse the requirements of a job, then attract applicants to that job before screening and selecting the most appropriate ones to be hired and integrated into to the organization through a rigorous profiling methodology.

Course topics

Chapter 1 Recruitment Process

  • UCMHP HR Recruitment Course Objective
  • Learning Outcome
  • Definition Of Usual HR Recruitment
  • UCMHP Definition Of HR Recruitment
  • What is UCMHP?
  • All About UCMHP HR Recruitment
  • Job’s Analyst
  • Usual HR Management
  • UCMHP HR Management
  • Why Recruit
  • Recruitment is a Two Way Street
  • UCMHP Recruitment Process
  • Usual Strategic Recruiting Decisions
  • Recruitment And Selection Policy
  • Usual Selection Process
  • Usual Basic Selection Criteria
  • Selection Process (I) and (II)
  • Selection Methods
  • Testing
  • Information Gathering
  • Interviews: Structured and Unstructured Interviews
  • Common Interviewing Mistakes


Chapter 6 Health

  • Personal Health Check (Part 1)
  • Personal Health Check (Part 2)
  • Cancer Numbers
  • Inheritance Diseases
  • The Star of Health
Chapter 2 UCMHP Methodology

  • UCM Human Profiling Interpretation Chart
  • Meaning of Behaviour, Personality and Character Type 1 to 9
Chapter 7 7 Stages of UCMHP Recruitment Process

  • Administrative Stage
  • Advertisement Stage
  • Compatible Stage
  • Selection Stage
  • Personal Interview Stage
  • Confirmation Stage
  • Employment Stage
Chapter 3 Leveraging Hidden Potential and Blind Spot

  • Intuition Number
  • Hidden Potential
Chapter 8 4 Do(s) & Don’t(s)

  • The 4 Do(s) in HR Recruitment
  • The 4 Don’t(s) in HR Recruitment
Chapter 4 The Star of Knowledge Chapter 9 The Art Of Managing Conflict Using UCMHP

  • UCMHP Conflict Management Chart
  • Combined Personality Weakness
  • Combined Personality Strength
  • Remedy
Chapter 5 Corporate Restructuring

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