UCMHP Life Mentor Character Coach

UCMHP Life Mentor Character Coach


The course for becoming a UCMHP Life Mentor Character Coach aims to provide its attendants with a fundamental grasp of human profiling and a clearer understanding of who they truly are. To accomplish this, participants will be given frameworks to guide them along this journey of self-discovery in the hopes that by the end of the course, they will be able to reach important realization about themselves in respect to the following attributes:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Hidden Potential
  • Career
  • Health
  • Academics
  • Family
  • Business or investment
  • Your Relationship with Friends / Spouse / Boss / Business Partners

The aim of this course is for participants to undergo personal development and empowerment so they’re ready to become the best versions of themselves.

Course topics

Topic Description Topic Description
1 UCM Human Profiling Charts:

  • Proofs 1 – 4
  • 32 Steps to Knowing Your True Self
  • Your Personal UCMHP Chart Analysis
  • Universal Character Types 1 – 9
6 Golden Compatible Formula

  • Relationship Between You and Your Children/Spouse/Boss/Colleague/Business Partner
  • Extrovert, Introvert & Ambivert Traits
  • Intuition, Hidden Potential and Blind Spot Numbers
  • Idealist, Pragmatist & Realist – Psychology Of Selling
  • Annual World’s Outlook – 9 Years Cycle
  • Annual Personal’s Outlook – 9 Years Cycle
  • Monthly Outlook World’s Outlook
  • Daily (24 hrs) Personal Outlook – 9 Days Cycle
  • UCMHP Time of Birth Profiling
  • The Star of Knowledge
  • Integrating with NLP, DISC, IQ, EQ and Pythagoras Character Development Theory
8 UCMHP Universal Personal Life Code
  • Personal Health Check
  • Cancer Numbers
  • Hereditary or Inheritence Diseases
9 UCMHP Missing or Excessive Codes

  • Common Numbers
  • 9 Remedies
  • 6 Personal Goals
  • Interpretation of UCMHP Codes
5 9 Year’s Matrix Cycle Timeline Associate with Age

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