UCMHP Life Master Analyst

UCMHP Life Master Analyst


Participants of the UCMHP Life Master Analyst Course will receive Advanced Interpretations of your numbers, as well as an in-depth Profile Reading that will lead them to better understand their Destiny, Lifelong Challenges and Lifelong Inborn Strength Numbers. They will then be taught how to apply their interpretation of these numbers to empower themselves, as well as bolster the quality of life for their friends, family and business associates.

Course topics

Topic Description Topic Description
1 49 Steps To Knowing Your True Self 14 Possible Number of Children
2 Dual Personalities Numbers 15 Gender Of Baby
3 Mirror Numbers 16 Analyse Lifespan
4 Corner Numbers 17 81 Characteristic Number
5 Analysing 111 – 999 18 UCMHP Types & Chinese Zodiac
6 Sleeping “Y” Number 19 How To Read Actual Birthdates
7 5-9-5 On Weakness Sector 20 To Read Effective and Differentiate All UC Types, From 1 to 9
8 Slanting Numbers 111 – 999 21 Understanding And Interpreting Lifelong Challenges Numbers
9 Lightning Numbers 22 Understanding And Interpreting Lifelong Inborn Strength Numbers
10 9 Day Cycle – Daily Outlook 23 Understanding And Interpreting Destiny Outcome Numbers
11 Auspicious Day and Time 24 Interpreting Golden Numbers & Travelling Numbers
12 Alphabet To Numbers Conversion Table 25 Analysing And Interpreting Wealth, Health, Career, Relationship And Family Matters
13 Name Card Designing 26 Analysing Corporate Restructuring

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