9UCA® Profiling Tool

Apparently, we do not have an app available for mobile. We are still working on it. In the meantime, you may use your browser either on desktop or mobile to access our website and 9UCA® Profiling Tool (if you availed the calculator).

The 9UCA® Profiling Tool can analyse everyone. If you encounter an error message, try to submit the details again and make sure the info is correct.

All about knowledge of your true self and your higher consciousness. Armed with this knowledge, you are empowered to choose what we love to do and to love what we choose to do. If you are happy with what you do, you’ll experience inner peace. It helps you to manage your wealth, health, relationship, career, and business while enhancing your personal quality of life. You can also learn how to manage difficult people through conflict management.

9 Universal Character Archetypes® is not Feng Shui . But many of our students who practice Feng Shui, Purple Star Feng Shui, Ziweidoushu. Bazi, I-Chng, Qimendunjia, Face reading, Palm reading and even astrology have said that this methodology is very similar to their methods in numerous ways. According to Dr Yeo’s research, it builds upon and deepens the understandings provided by all other metaphysical practices, does not involve in religion and superstition. It is based on mathematical calculation, statistics and scientific studies.

As of the moment, if you wish to change your password, you need to contact us at info@ucmhpacademy.com and request for change password.