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About the Author

Unveiling the Life and Work of
Dr. Bernard Yeo: From Humble
Beginnings to a Profiling Pioneer

Dr. Bernard Yeo, the Founder and Principal Trainer of UCMHP Academy, is a renowned figure in the field of human profiling. His journey, however, began far from the world of professional research. Born in 1957 in a humble village in Singapore, Dr. Yeo faced the struggles of poverty from a young age. Despite these challenges, he displayed a remarkable resilience and dedication to learning, even selling pastries door-to-door to support his family.

His formative years were marked by a strong sense of responsibility and a keen observation of human behavior. After a stint in the police force and later in business, Dr. Yeo witnessed firsthand the complexities of human interactions and the impact of individual traits on decision-making. This sparked a deep curiosity within him, leading him to embark on a relentless pursuit of understanding the underlying patterns that shape human behavior.

Undeterred by a lack of formal training in psychology or related fields, Dr. Yeo embarked on a self-directed research journey. He dedicated over 13 years to an intensive research project, meticulously studying hundreds of journals, articles, and analyzing over 12,000 individuals. This dedicated effort culminated in the development of the Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP), a unique and comprehensive methodology for understanding personality types and their underlying motivations.

The UCMHP method deviates from conventional profiling systems by focusing on inherent characteristics rather than learned behaviors. It categorizes individuals into 12 distinct profiles based on various factors, including birth order, facial features, body language, and even handwriting. Each profile is associated with specific strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral tendencies, providing valuable insights into individualpreferences, communication styles, and potential compatibility.

Dr. Yeo's dedication to his research and methodology has garnered him recognition and respect within the field. UCMHP Academy, established in 2008, has trained thousands of individuals in his profiling technique, with applications across various sectors, including business, education.

The Tong Shu Almanac – Ancient Chinese Wisdom for Modern Life counseling, and personal development.
Beyond his achievements, Dr. Yeo's story remains one of inspiration. His journey from humble beginnings to international recognition demonstrates the power of unwavering curiosity, self-reliance, and a commitment to lifelong learning. His impact continues to expand through the lives he has touched, both through his direct influence and the legacy of the UCMHPAcademy.

Intrigued by the wisdom of ancient China?

The Tong Shu Almanac is your key to unlocking its profound secrets. This comprehensive guide delves into the heart of this traditional calendar system, empowering you to:

* Navigate life's opportunities and challenges with auspicious date selection for important endeavors.
* Understand your unique potential through personalized insights based on your zodiac sign and birth year.
* Cultivate harmony in your relationships by deciphering compatibility between signs.
* Optimize your well-being and prosperity by aligning your actions with favorable cosmic energies.

More than just a calendar, The Tong Shu Almanac is:

* Your personalized roadmap to success: Discover auspicious dates for starting a business, moving house, or embarking 
on a new journey.
* Your guide to deeper self-understanding: Explore the unique traits and potential of your zodiac sign and birth year.
* Your key to harmonious relationships: Gain insights into the dynamics between different signs, fostering stronger connections.
* Your compass for navigating life's uncertainties: Align yourself with favorable cosmic energies to attract prosperity and well-being.

Embrace the wisdom of the ages and unlock the potential within.
The Tong Shu Almanac awaits.

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