1 July, 2022
The 7Rs connecting you to the universe and mother earth

The following post may contain jargon and terminology which new readers of this blog may not understand. Not to worry! If you are new, there is a list of where to find explanations of the jargon and terminology at the end of this blog post. Enjoy!

In my previous two posts, I explained how the 3 Keys and the 7Ps help bring you success and better manage your life. When you are in this position of control, it allows you to start consolidating who you truly are, establishing the connection of your very Core Essence to the Universe and Mother Earth. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, life will throw us curve balls from time to time. So what happens when you are thrown off-balance? As long as you have successfully put into place the 3 Keys and 7Ps, then all you have to remember to do is:

The 7Rs

1. Recall


The first thing you need to do upon being thrown off-centre, is to Recall the 3 Keys and remind yourself that you have already gained Mastery over yourself, and that you already have established your baseline connection to your Core Essence.

2. Reconnect


Once you recall what you already have, then it becomes very fast and easy to Reconnect the Core Essence of who you are back to the Universe and Mother Earth. You can do this by breathing deeply while you are recalling and remembering your Core Essence. As you breathe deeply, set the intention to Reconnect.

3. Re-engineer


Now that you are Reconnected, if you know that the choices you have made or the circumstances of your life may cause problems, you now have the ability to re-engineer your life and steer the direction of your life away from these problems.

4. Reinstate


After Re-engineering your life to avoid these issues, you must Reinstate your true identity. Take ownership of your Inborn Strength Behaviour and Inborn Weakness Behaviour, and understand that your weaknesses can become your strengths, and that your strengths can become your weaknesses. Your task is to ensure that your strengths remain strengths, and that your weaknesses convert to strengths.

5. Realign


Once you have Reinstated your true identity, your next step is to Realign your chakras & energy centres with your Strength Behaviour, your Weakness Behaviour and your innate Character.

6. Regain


When you have Realigned your chakras & energy centres, you will discover that your life begins to flow more smoothly as you will Regain your Frequency and Formula.

7. Re-regulate


Once you Regain your frequency and formula, you will find that your ecosystem and your Cause, Effect and Outcome will be Re-regulated as they begin working in tandem with your Frequency and Formula.
Once all these 7 steps are taken, you will be fully connected with both the Universe and Mother Earth, and therefore, in full control of your life once again.

If you are new to the UCM Human Profiling™ system, you will find deeper information on the 3 Keys and the different aspects I speak of in the 7Rs in my book, The Matrix of You and in the live course, Life Mentor Character Coach. Both can be found on this website.

Stay connected, everyone! Cheers!

Dr. Bernard

Your Problem Solver