I have run an F&B business for about two years now and recently had some issues with my business partners. But I could never figure out why I could work well with some people and not with others. Attending Dr Bernard’s course has given me a lot of clarity on working with people, given my character. Now I feel much more confident about going into another business partnership.

Self-employed / Business success

I used to own a small business. But it failed. The ups and downs in my life made me realize that numbers are very important in our life. In 2015, I attended a seminar where Dr. Bernard Yeo was one of the speakers, and it was there I knew him. I subsequently joined his course and found it useful in my life. After attending his course, I know myself better. Knowing my numbers helps me know what type of person I am and what kind of career that suits me.

Self-employed / Business success

I have been through a lot of pitfalls and downfalls. After attending the course with Dr. Bernard Yeo, I am clearer about my life direction. I have also helped others, especially my friends, by giving them readings. They saw improvements in their life also. I have done the reading for my company that does cryptocurrency, and the company started doing well. They are very thankful for my help.

I like to say thank you to Dr Bernard for teaching me. I learned a lot and managed to help many people. So, I hope I can invite my friends to join this course. Thank you so much Dr. Bernard Yeo. You are awesome!

Self-employed / Career success

I am currently working as a General Manager in my company. I had initially signed up for the preview course out of curiosity. It was my husband who encouraged me to complete the full course so that I can recruit new staff members and assign them roles that are suitable for their personalities and abilities. As a result, I was able to create the best winning team for my business success with UCMHP’s courses.

General Manager / Business success

I can handle some situations much better after attending the course. It is quite amazing.

I am interested to learn about profiling because I want to help myself and I also want to help others. I want to know about my strength and weakness so I find the course is very helpful.

I learn about strength and weakness. And there is weakness in strength and strength in weakness. I know of a friend who seems to be a very cool person. As cool as a cucumber. Once she had an outburst in the office. And every one of us was shocked. I was quite surprised. Based on what I learned from the course, I found out that she is a very emotional person. And now, I also understand why she sometimes is upset. So, I highlighted to her, telling her the cause, the effects and what is the outcome. She had learned how to manage it.

I have to say that Dr. Bernard is very awesome. He gives us a lot of guidance. He also shares notes with us. He encourages us and I enjoy his class a lot. Thank you, Dr. Bernard.

Admin Executive / Career success

I’ve been working in the shipping industry for almost 10 years. At first, it was just for earning a living and trying to get experience. Then, I wanted to grow. But I felt lost. I tend to experience this emotion every couple of years without knowing why. I had been working and studying for the last couple of years. Unknowingly, I had put myself through so much pressure by working every day for hours. Until last year’s circuit breaker when I saw that everybody was taking up a lot of different classes. So, it was then when I saw an interesting class like human profiling. I must admit it’s very accurate because I’ve been learning this for more than a couple of months. Only now I am able to understand why people say I am naggy.

So, learning this has helped me to consciously remind myself that “I’m doing this thing” or “I’m being too direct”. Or sometimes, I’m being too proactive when I shouldn’t be. I’m still working on it till this day.

Account Assistant / Career success

I spent more than 10 years of my life studying the wrong subjects in school and pursuing the wrong career. It pains me to see anyone having to go through what I went through because they do not understand themselves. I messed up a large part of my life because I did not understand myself. With my knowledge from UCMHP, I’m glad to know that I’m now in the right industry, working in the right job. I got to know about UCMHP from a fair in Suntec City. I was very impressed by what I saw, and I was very interested to understand myself further.

I strongly encourage everyone to learn from UCMHP. I’m absolutely convinced that it’s very difficult for anyone to excel in their life if they do not understand themselves.

I’m very grateful to Dr. Bernard for helping me to understand myself a lot better. And I hope to use this knowledge to help others as well.

Self-employed / Business success

I can use what I learnt from Dr. Bernard to guide and nurture my three children as they go through their lives. So, I believe that this class is definitely good for me and my family!

Service Industry / Family success

I was able to learn to calculate the compatibility between myself and the people around me, such as my parents, siblings and colleagues. This helps me better understand their personalities which prevents unnecessary quarrels and conflicts. Therefore, I will continue to recommend this course to people around me so that like me, they can too have a harmonious family relationship.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor / Family success
What can be predicted can be managed


Our 9 Universal Character Archetypes profiling tool has helped life, and career coaches, psychologists, lawyers, and police investigating officers gain a deep understanding of their clients and thus offer far more effective support for them.

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