UCMHP™ Master Analyst Life Mentor Coach (FB)

SGD 2,995.00

or 3 payments of SGD 998.33 with

👩🏻‍🎓 Only Applicable for UCMHPLife Mentor Character Coach Graduates 👨🏻‍🎓


UCMHP™ Certified Master Analyst course empowers trainees to apply the highest knowledge in Human Character Profiling to master the essence of a person universal character, personality, and behavioural traits and to identify the source of one’s root cause, managing the consequential effects and allowing them to have the most desired life outcome.


In summary, this 21st Century Master Analyst Program helps to equip you with a magical blueprint of Universal knowledge which is your secret weapon to be able to clearly empower yourself, bolster the quality of life of your loved ones, family members, friends, business associates and anyone in contact with you or even strangers.


👩🏻‍🎓 Only Applicable for UCMHPLife Mentor Character Coach Graduates 👨🏻‍🎓



All certified UCMHPMaster Analyst Life Mentor Coach will receive Advanced Interpretations of your personal numbers, as well as an in-depth Profile Reading that will lead them to better understand their Destiny, Lifelong inborn Challenges, and Lifelong Inborn Strength Numbers. They will then be taught how to apply their interpretation of these numbers to empower themselves, as well as bolster the quality of life for their friends, family, loved ones, and business associates.



If you are looking for a freelance job with UCMHP, you must attend this course which is tailored for you to become an efficient Master analyst.



📌DISCOVER more in-depth insights one an individual through 49 Steps of systematic interpretation to know your true self including analysing ‘Flying Star’ numbers.


📌INTERPRET 81 Characteristic numbers, read effective and differentiate actual birthday and all UCA Types from 1 to 9.

📌TACKLE critical lifetime decision such as auspicious day and time of a person or a project or company’s name, predict number of children, gender of babies, and analysing lifespan of a person.


📌RECOGNISE special emotional patterns and to avoid tragic events before it happens.

Managing emotional intent numbers like Corner, Lightning, Sleeping “Y” or number and Slanting numbers before it escalates to become emotional disorder or criminal intent numbers.


📌UNDERSTAND and interpreting lifetime inborn weaknesses outcome, inborn strength outcome and enhancing lifetime destination outcome numbers..


📌STRATEGIZE and restructure your business, annual or monthly business forecast and planning, compatibility analysis of your workforce and much more!


📌IDENTIFY and leveraging on powerful golden numbers relating to Wealth, Health, Career, Relationship, Family matters, Business or Investment..



🎁#1: Comprehensive E-Workbook (SGD 188.00)

🎁#2: 1 year Re-seat Full 4-Day Online Master Analyst Session (SGD 2,995.00)

🎁#3: Online Tutorials Case Study Cum Q&A Session valid for 1 year (SGD 196.00)

🎁#4: SGD 174.00 Discount Voucher 1-to-1 Online Personal Analysis with Certified Master Analyst – 2 Hours Via Zoom worth SGD 348.00 (SGD 174.00)

🎁#5: 4 x World 1st Human Character Personalized E-report Book (SGD 609.00 x 4 copies = SGD 2,346.00)

📌Course date: 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd March 2023 (Fri, Sat, Fri and Sat) 📌Course time: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (SGT) 📌Online via Zoom  

If you want to be a Certified Master Analyst, you need to pass our in-house exam. Only those who passed can be a Qualified and Certified as Master Analyst.

Yes, we have a support group that you can send your message to.

Yes, you can analyze for them. But you cannot certify them.