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The Matrix of You : Numbers Can Talk & They Don’t Tell Lies

9 years, or one full cycle, after the launch of Dr Bernard Yeo’s popular and successful Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself, he is back with many updates in The Matrix of You. Filled with even deeper insights and much more thorough look at how Numbers influence your life, there is something for everyone to learn. For the novice, or those curious to know more about the 9UCA and the UCM Human Profiling method, Dr Bernard takes you through the theories, and helps you chart your personal Matrix, step-by-step. For professional numerologists, students and Master Analysts already using the UCM Human Profiling system, there are in-depth explanations of his premises and a more profound examination of paired numbers. The Matrix of You is also an invaluable enrichment tool for metaphysicians, psychologists, educators and counsellors wishing to enhance their skills. For general readers who wish to overcome hurdles and take control back of their lives, The Matrix of You is a must-buy!

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