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This book is for anyone who want to know, understand, and master their predictable annual outlook and be successful in all areas of their life, including Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship, Family, Business or Investment in that particular year.


Learn How To Master The Outcome Of Your Yearly Outlook.


**This book is available in English language only**

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Features of this book:

Dr Bernard’s research shows that history repeats, every 9 years 1 cycle. This book features Your Predictable Annual Outlook and gives you an overview analysis of your Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship, Family, Business or Investment. This book can be used forever as after 9 years, the annual chart repeats itself.


Benefit of this book:

This book helps those who want to have clarity and smooth journey throughout the whole year. It also helps to predict and equip you with positive frequency to get rid of energy suckers, pitfalls, minimizing challenges, obstacles and overcoming failures in that particular year.


📌If you can master your 9 year’s cycle outlooks, your outcome of your life will be very positive.

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Yes, it is available in Mandarin as well.

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