“Learn 3 keys on how to identify, manage, regulate and enhance your child’s EQ as well as IQ. Empower your child’s academic performance, reduce their stress level and help them succeed in all areas of life.”

3 common mistakes parents make

  • Not knowing whether their child is a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner.
  • Forcing their child on a career or academic pathway.
  • Their child grow in an “adopted self” approach rather than true self, which inevitably causes a lot of stress, unhappiness, pain and heartache to the obeying child.

As parents, we only want to provide the best for our child. DO NOT make these common mistakes THAT WILL STUNT YOUR CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT AND FUTURE!

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Dr Bernard Yeo

  • Researcher and Founder of the World First 21st Century Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling
  • International and ACTA Certified Trainer
  • Author of the BEST-SELLING BOOK, ‘Know Your Number, Know Yourself”.
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Discover the universal emotional intelligence profiling method that allows you to know, understand, master and enhance the clarity of your child’s mind by establishing his/her universal character. Find out what is his/her Soul Purpose, Intent, Focus and Choice in Life.

The 21st century breakthrough of human character profiling, developed by Dr. Bernard Yeo, Hon Phd, a true blue Singaporean.

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Live Preview Landing 3

The workshop gives me a better understanding of my 2 children, opens up my own mind to how my kids want me to 'communicate' with them, and even to manage my own marriage. With that, I have signed up for the Seminar where I hope to learn more about the CHICC Profiling method and how to use the 'tools' to 'know' my children and my students, and to guide them along the way.

Ms Jamie Tan

Principal of Rainforest Education Centre,
Mother of Son (aged 5) and Daughter (aged 3)

I would recommend the workshop. Through the workshop, I discover not only more about my child but also my own potential and how I can enhance on my strengths. I have signed up for the Seminar so as to know more about my child as well as how my own career can proceed from here.

Ms Aw

Mother of Daughter (aged 5) and Son (aged 3)

The workshop is really an eye opener. Their method of profiling is simple, easy to understand and can be applied in our daily lives. As a mother who always strives to improve the quality of my children’s learning and development, I have signed up for the Seminar to know more about profiling, as well as to understand how I can improve family communication and have a better approach in educating my children.

Ms Anlinna Lim

Business Owner of Reverie Island,
Mother of Daughter (3 yrs) & Son (1 yr)

As a curious mother, l was there to find out more about the workshop and the latest parenting trends. This workshop is not the usual parenting event but shares more about the profiling of your child. However, just knowing the character of your child is insufficient. We need to also know his strengths and weaknesses, and then help him work towards his personal success. However, no matter what we learn from the profiling result, we must always remember to treat our children equally and love them unconditionally. Overall, it was very interesting and beneficial, and I would recommend parents to attend the workshop.

Ms Lydia Sim

Mother of Daughter (aged 5)

UCM Profiling is an enlightening tool that helps to bring about greater self-awareness and hence facilitate self-improvement. Through this process, we can communicate and interact with others more effectively. It complements traditional profiling tools like DISC and MBTI and can be applied in various capacities like coaching, counseling, psychology, education and human resource.

Ms FY Wong


As a mother, I would want the best for my child. The workshop really opens up my mind and gives me a deeper insight as to how I can better communicate with my child, discover her strengths and weaknesses as well as build on her potential. In addition, I am also able to apply the same technique and tools for myself as well. I have signed up for the Seminar and would definitely recommend this workshop to all my friends!

Ms Karen Lim

Marketing Executive,
Mother of Daughter (22 months)

UCM Profiling has given me a brilliant insight into the world of numbers and the power in one's date of birth. Simple, scientific and of immense relevance to one's past, present and future. Everyone MUST learn this system. Thank you Master Bernard for your generous sharing and humble support.

Mr V.K Kader Maideen


Course Topic

Topic Description
1 Introduction of UCMHP
2 UCM Human Profiling Chart: 32 Steps To Know Your Child’s True Self and Personal Emotional Intelligence

  • Extrovert, Introvert & Ambivert
  • Intuition Number
  • Hidden Potential
  • Idealist, Pragmatist & Realist
3 The Star of Knowledge

  • Integrating with NLP & DISC

Enhancing your child’s Academics and Career Choices

4 Personal Health Check – The Star of Health
5 Combination of 2 People Universal Character Traits
6 DISC Profiling
7 Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
8 UCMHP Missing & Excessive Codes
9 5 Universal Fundamental Aspects of Emotional Intelligence in Human Profiling
10 7 Characteristics of Emotionally Strong People
11 The 7 Habits of Parents Who Have Master the Clarity of Mind
12 12 Universal Parenting Skills That Good Parents Must Have
* Interpretation of UCMHP Codes

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