Ms Grace Law
UCMHP Managing Director cum Master Trainer

When Ms Grace Law was only 9 years old, she loved to read many books on psychology, inspirational and motivational. She has always been curious about Human psychology since young. Especially what makes people tick and observe family bonding issues to understand why some people end up divorce.

In 2012, she chanced upon UCMHP Human Profiling Methodology and decided then to learn from Dr Bernard, the art of managing relationships.

With this experience and knowledge acquired, she went on to analyse more than a thousand people from all walks of life in the real-world scenario with most not known to her.

Ms Grace Law has also helped many of her clients as well as UCMHP trainees overcome their broken marriage, negative thoughts, unmotivated lifestyle and empowered them with clarity of their heart and mind, ultimately to live a more healthier, and happy version of life.

She is now leading the company and grooming a team of very motivated Certified Master Analysts to become the Best Model in UCMHP Personalised Analysis Services.

Her objective is to create a winning team of committed Certified Graduate Master Analysts with abundant opportunities to either do full-time or even part-time working from home.

Most importantly, she wants to help people who are feeling lost and have mental stress to overcome the challenges ahead and to come out of uncertainties and live the life they so deserve, especially during these chaotic pandemics.

Mr Steney Gee
UCMHP Master Trainer

As ACTA-certified and many years as safety consultant to local companies & MNC, working with various departments, staffs, and management. Enable his personal and business analysis and advice to be very practical, relevant, reliable & ease of implementation.

Mr Steney Gee greatest motivation is having changed the lives of his many clients. Empowering them to ascend greater heights of success. It’s beyond monetary value.

He helps individual discover, express and maximised their potential through path of least resistance. Enable clients to know their strengths, weaknesses, who they really are, what career is suitable for them and are passionate in, allowing them to have a happier career and personal life.

He also helps clients understand and resolved their challenges. Have clarity of themselves, their spouse, and their children including their study techniques, academic or career choices, understand each other better, know their compatibility, reduced conflicts and argument which help in managing their emotional & relationship.

Ms Tay Lay Cheng
UCMHP Senior Master Analyst

Ms Lay Cheng has about 20 years of experience in the Education sector.

In 2020, she embarked on her learning journey in UCMHP & achieved 100% in the UCMHP Certified Master Analyst Examination.

Discovering her passion, she subsequently volunteered with UCMHP where she analysed for more than 100 clients who gave her excellent feedback. She managed to help clients who have lost hope in life build their strength from within, breakthrough their fears and stop the inappropriate behavioural patterns that have been sabotaging their happiness, growth & success.

She is passionate to help her clients bring out the best versions of themselves, at work & in their personal life. Her vision is to reach out to more people and help them find clarity & direction in life, reduce the impact of future challenges, take the right actions to step up to the bigger game that matters to them and create results in life.

Identify your character

Our analysis solutions are based on our research on Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling, a methodology that we have proven and tested with time.

We would subsequently tailor our solutions to the individual needs of each client. Working with clients globally, have equipped our team of Certified Master Analysts with extensive experience to help our clients and raise their performance through effective assessment, development and engagement.

Our solutions are designed to directly target your core problems and deliver concrete guidance thus, enhance the clarity in your life journey.

  1. Find clarity and make tough decisions in your life so you can get unstuck and move forward.
  2. Develop better habits so that you have more structure and discipline in your life.
  3. Set and achieve goals so you will have a better sense of achievement and know that your life is moving in the right direction.
  4. Get organised and manage your time more effectively so you can get better results from your day and be held accountable.
  5. Change your mindset and put an end to self-doubt so that you think more positively about your life.
  6. Make more money so you can live the lifestyle that you deserve.
  7. Build your self-confidence so you stop settling for less than you deserve and go after what you want in life.
  8. Develop better relationships and friendships that leave you feeling fulfilled.
  9. Get self-motivated and stop procrastinating so you take concrete actions in life and be more productive.
  10. Discover your life purpose and passion so you have a sense of meaning.
  11. Overcome depression and anxiety so you can experience more inner peace and joy.
  12. Find your dream job or improve your current career so you wake up each day excited to go to work.
  13. Learn to believe in yourself so you never give up and keep going when things get tough.
UCMHP Professional Master Analyst

Our team of Certified Master Analysts with extensive experience to help our clients and raise their performance through effective assessment, development and engagement.

Our solutions are designed to directly target your core problems and deliver concrete guidance thus, increase your clarity of life journey.

What can be predicted can be managed


Our 9 Universal Character Archetypes profiling tool has helped life, and career coaches, psychologists, lawyers, and police investigating officers gain a deep understanding of their clients and thus offer far more effective support for them.

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