31 August, 2022
learn how to build everlasting relationships
How exciting! 


Imagine instantly creating and building rapport when you first meet someone. Connecting with someone new or developing an ongoing friendship is an extremely overwhelming feeling, and so much more lies beneath to keep this connection alive. But, if you could understand what that person sees, does, thinks and acts, and how you could respond instantly and predictably, don’t you think this would be awesome? The connection and friendship you develop would be everlasting because you would understand them. So, the question is— is this possible?


You see, engaging in healthy conversations, sharing values, interests, insights, and goals, amongst others, are the stepping stones to growing an ongoing or a brand new relationship with somebody. These are what make a relationship everlasting, whether it results in friendship, relationship, or even marriage.


We all want to feel connected and close to people we know. But how do we do this? Is there a way?
we all want to feel connected and close to people we know


The 3 Secret Weapons.

The Pythagorean Character Development Theory™, the only Character Profiling in the world, provides the vital tools that allow you to know another person’s intelligence so that you can understand why they see, do and act the way they do; in other words, what they actually have in mind. The PCDT™ is Singapore’s discovery, a 21st Century Instant & Predictable Character Profiling system using data science algorithms and calculations, with its own proprietary system. When applied to understanding people and relationships, you then have the knowledge to modify how you respond to each individual, harmonising all your frequencies to whatever the desired positive outcome may be in the process. This knowledge and skill covers 4 domains – personal, interpersonal, social and institutional.


An everlasting relationship requires trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and open communication. The PCDT™ has all these qualities to allow you to instantly regulate and explore each of these characteristics.


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Here’s to beautiful relationships for all of you! Cheers!


Dr. Bernard
Your Problem Solver