17 June, 2022
How To Better Manage Your Life: The 7 Ps

How many times have you tried fixing or managing your life but failed? When I was working as a researcher, I often encountered situations like these with my clients and students. Those are the times when I introduced the 7Ps to better manage their lives.

In this blog post I will show you the 7Ps which will help you better manage yourself once success starts coming in.

7Ps to better manage your life

How to manage your life?

The 7Ps are the seven keys that will help you manage yourself once success starts coming to you. The following is a brief overview on each one of these 7Ps.

1. Plan

Nobody plans to fail but many people fail to plan clearly. Planning starts from knowing, understanding and mastering the clarity of who you really are and your mission and vision in life.

2. Prepare

Only with self-mastery, can you prepare your life journey ahead. The journey ahead is never always smooth but with the blueprint of your true self in hand, you will be guided with its predictable compass to navigate the right direction and make the right decision always.

3. Predict

When you prepare for the journey ahead, there are always many challenges. With a self-mastery road-map, it teaches you how to avoid energy suckers, what is good and what to avoid. Most importantly, it will teach you how to achieve success in half the time.

4. Prevent

With the clarity you gain from being able to predict, the essence of your thoughts also become crystal clear. This allows you to anticipate, ahead of time, unnecessary and dangerous pitfalls in life and prevent yourself from falling into them. This further stops you from going in circles in life.

5. Protect

You are now able to protect yourself, your family and all your loved ones from harm and live the way of life with clarity. Now that you can predetermine your clear path ahead, you can also create your personal health and wealth legacy.

6. Provide

With the means to protect yourself, you can provide yourself, your family members and all your loved ones a contented, healthy and happy lifestyle. You no longer have to beg or borrow or feel guilty of not being able to provide for yourself and those close to you.

7. Perfect

When you can provide warmth, love and care for everyone, you are now living with contentment, peace of mind and great health. This is the perfect and best version of life every one desires.



In conclusion, by being empowered by the 7Ps, you can attain the 7Ps which will connect you to the Universe and ground you to Mother Earth. This will be a lifelong journey that will bring you happiness, peace, and fulfillment. I encourage you to take this journey and find out for yourself what it can offer.