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Highly accurate profiling step by step guide, equips you with easy-to-learn, intimate knowledge of your birth numbers.


Offering over 6 different courses, helps unlocking the secret codes to achieving success in all areas of your life.


We believe that a person’s Universal Character determines his direction in life.

UCMHP Academy provides help and guidance to people all over Asia who want to learn how to become the best versions of themselves.

It begins with you.

The methodology and analysis of numbers that we have developed is based on the Law of Pythagoras. Our findings have convinced us to share our discoveries with the world, in the full conviction that they will revolutionise the personality profiling industry. There are no tests to take and no questions to answer.

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It has opened up my eyes to my own weaknesses, and I hope with what I have learn, I am able to overcome those weaknesses and
as my understanding from the course, you can turn your weaknesses into your strength… and I believe that Dr. Bernard is right, we can do it!

I am so proud to have gone for the classes!

Dr. Anamah Tan

Principal Partner of Ann Tan & Associate

 I am blessed to be a Master Analyst student under Dr Yeo’s UCMHP Academy.

The 21st century scientific research approach to UCMHP’s Numerology platform (which I had learned and practicing now) has brought many benefits to the people around me.

It had provided individuals an opportunity to be self-confident & assured, clearer understanding of personal Self, and the potential Career Pathway that supports & complements their personal character, personality & behavior.

Stervey Lim

Self Employed

I am a grassroots leader for 37 years, on and off I am involved in many Mediation cases like families, neighboring, GRL members and residents disputes or conflicts. Previously most of the cases took sometime to solve.

After graduating as UCMHP Master Analyst, I found that it enhanced my skills of solving above mentioned disputes in a faster, shorter and more effective way. At the same time, it helps to create better rapport and relationship between disputants.

Credit should be given to Dr Yeo’s teaching, thanks and Cheers!

Francis Foo (PBM)

RC Chairman HSRC

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