Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Does UCMHP always work?

A: Yes. If applied correctly, UCMHP will always improve your standards of living in virtually all aspects. Our profiling method is based on research, statistics and mathematical calculation. It does not involve religion or superstition. It is instant, accurate, easily accessible, simple to grasp and most importantly, affordable. But UCMHP is not a magic cure for all your problems.

UCMHP provides a crucial avenue for understanding who you truly are, which allows you be secure and confident in your choices, empowering you to choose what you do and love best.

Remember that what is predicted can be prevented. Your destiny stems from your character, and your character was determined from birth. If you are not fated to become a big tycoon, UCMHP may make you rich, but you’ll never be a millionaire. However, practicing UCMHP is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you will be presented with plenty of opportunities to improve your financial prospects. Essentially, you must forge your own path after learning of these opportunities and obstacles awaiting you. Be thankful for times of good fortune, but brace yourself for the pitfalls using all you’ve learnt from UCMHP.


2. Q: What if my bad luck is due to my destiny date and time of birth? Is there anything I can do to correct it?

A: Yes, if you can correct your weaknesses, muster your strengths and unlock your universal character/destiny, you can avoid most of life’s difficulties and while gaining both health and wealth quickly. To do this, you have to practice the 9 simple and effective remedies faithfully.


3. Q: Is UCM Human Profiling (UCMHP) related to Feng Shui or Fortune Telling?

A: UCMHP is not Feng Shui . But many of our students who practice Feng Shui, Purple Star Feng Shui, Ziweidoushu. Bazi, I-Chng, Qimendunjia, Face reading, Palm reading and even astrology have said that UCMHP is very similar to their methods in numerous ways. According to Dr Yeo’s research, UCMHP builds upon and deepens the understandings provided by all other metaphysical practices. UCMHP does not involve in religion and superstition. It is based on mathematical calculation, statistics and scientific studies.


4. Q: Is it true that those born on the same day, month and year have the same destiny?

A: When 2 people are both on the same day, month or year, their destiny is the same. This means that if one of them has 3 major pitfalls in his or her life, so will the other. Do note that their lifestyles, political slants, educational background, their children and their spouses might all, however, be dissimilar.


5. Q: Can we change our Destiny?

 A: Yes, we can, through the teachings dictated at the UCMHP Academy. If you’re interested in joining us, you can check out www.ucmhpacademy.com for all our course details and seminars schedules.


6. Q: Can UCMHP predict a person’s life span?

A: Yes, your personal chart will give you a prediction of what health problems you’ll develop in due time and when it’ll happen.


7. Q: Can UCMHP predict how many children I’ll have or the gender of my baby?

A: Yes, with 80% accuracy. Sometimes the predictions can be inaccurate because some people have multiple sexual partners or marriages.


8. Q: What are the benefits of UCMHP?

A: UCMHP is about knowledge of your true self and your higher consciousness. Armed with this knowledge, you are empowered to choose what we love to do and to love what we choose to do. If you are happy with what you do, you’ll experience inner peace. UCMHP helps you to manage your wealth, health, relationship, career, and business while enhancing your personal quality of life. You can also learn how to manage difficult people through conflict management.


9. Q: What is the difference between UCMHP and other numerology techniques or metaphysical practices?

A: UCMHP is the only one in the world that’s been discovered by Dr Yeo. There is no self-serving bias affecting its analytical process and the results are instant and accurate. However, we wouldn’t say that UCMHP is superior to other teachings. In fact, UCMHP enhances the unique strengths of other teachings to create a comprehensive form of accurate profiling.


10. Q: Is it true that UCMHP can predict a child’s future study techniques?

A: Yes, UCMHP is the only teaching that can identify a baby’s future study techniques from the day they are born. Many parents make two big mistakes; the first being choosing to communicate with your child or teach your child to study using your preferred study techniques and not theirs. This is very serious, because if you are a visual learner and your child is receptive towards audio input, you are likely to go crazy forcing him to learn visually as the study techniques for visual and audio people differ very much. Secondly, parents tend to want their children to pursue a career according to their own sensibilities despite your child’s gifts. For example, if your child is a visual person and wants to be an artist but you would rather he be an engineer because you liked engineering, it’s likely that your kid will end up a frustrated and mediocre engineer. If frustrations continue to build, they might end up quarrelling with their spouses, beating their children and ending up with broken families.


11. Q: Is Dr Yeo a Fengshui master, Fortune teller or Astrologist?

A: No, he is not. While many have the misconception that Dr Yeo is a Fengshui Master, Fortune teller or Astrologist, the UCMHP actually integrates many scientifically proven personality profiling techniques such as NLP, DISC Profiling, Enneagram, and MBT. Furthermore, UCMHP is based heavily on the 2500-year-old Pythagoras Theorem, resulting in a strong scientific foundation that distinguishes this form of profiling from other kinds of metaphysical prediction techniques such as Fengshui or Astrology.


12. Q: Does the UCMHP Academy trains its students to become teachers or consultants for UCMHP, and can they make a good living in this business?

A: Yes, we are eager and willing to train students to become professional trainers and consultants. There is a very big job market for them. Our fastest growing business is LIFE MENTOR COACH, which entails teaching people about how to manage their life so that they can be successful within the shortest period of time, while enjoying what they do, contributing back to society and making the world a better place for all.


13. Q: Where are UCMHP students from?

A: We have students who identify themselves as a Housewife, Hawker, Graduate, Taxi driver, small business owner, Professor, Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Child Psychologist, Medical Surgeon, Corporate Lawyer, Scientist, Pastor, Religious Leader, Councillor, Police Officer, Prison Office, Engineer, University Lecturer, Principal of child care center, Educationist, Teachers, Seminars master trainer, Business owner, Human Resource Practitioner, Accountant, NLP master trainer, DISC Practitioner, Enneagram and MBTI Practitioner.

We also have Chinese Physicians, Fengshui Masters, Bazi Masters, I-Chng Masters, Purple star (Ziweidoushu) practitioners, Qimendunjia Practitioners, Astrologists, as well as Face and Palm reading experts.


14. Q: Who is Dr Yeo and is it true that he has a Academic PhD?

A: No, Dr Yeo has an Honorary Doctorate, not an academic doctorate. An Honorary Doctorate is conferred by a university upon those who have excelled in their field. Dr Yeo’s Honorary Doctorate is for his outstanding research work on UNIVERSAL HUMAN PROFILING.


15. Q: Who is behind Dr Yeo and does he has a support team?

A: While he does research work alone, he has six staff members managing his administrative, finance, operation, IT support and logistics work.


16. Q: Can UCMHP graduates make money?

A: Yes, this is a good career, but it’s not for everyone. You’ll have check with him first. Remember, to learn for personal gain and to teach are two very different matters.


17. Q: It is moral to tell people about their destiny?

A: If you want to help children excel in their studies and their parents improve their career prospects, telling people their destinies is the right thing to do. But if you abuse this ability to predict people’s destinies by cheating people, you have deviated from morality. If you help people to better their lives and contribute to society, this world will be a better place for all of us.


18. Q: How long has Dr Yeo been teaching and doing research work?

A: Dr Yeo has been doing research for 10 years and still continues to this day. He started teaching while he was doing research on Human Profiling. He was a senior officer in the Red Cross and had been in the police force for six and a half years. He is also a Reiki Master and an experienced Community Events specialist.


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