Dr Bernard Yeo’s First FB Live!

Dr Bernard Yeo’s First FB Live!

  Posted By UCMHP Academy on Mar 31, 2020

FB Live by Dr Bernard Yeo

Thank you for your kind and valuable support on Bernard Yeo’s FB page.

Bernard Yeo’s FB page. has reached over 30,000 followers.

Based on our last year’s analysis, we have predicted that correctly Year 2020 is going to be a very tough year for the world and most of us.

And indeed COVID19 situation now is making this year a very difficult year for most people and many of us are either emotionally, financially or physically affected.

To express my heartfelt appreciation for your kind support on Bernard Yeo’s FB page, he would like to contribute by sharing with you on FB LIVE on how to overcome and prevent COVID-19 and how to master your hidden potentials to create a profitable 2020, based on his research work. 

You are invited to joiin Dr Bernard Yeo (Hon PhD)’s FB Live, on Wed 1st April 2020 at 8PM,

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