31 October, 2022

This October, I would like to introduce you, dear reader, to a new topic: the concept and importance of understanding the CEO running your life – Cause, Effect and Outcome.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Whatever our dreams, ideas or projects, we plant a seed, nurture it and then reap the fruits of our labour.”

Often, before you even nurture the seed, you need to look at the quality of the existing seed. Is it a good or bad seed you have in your hand? Which seed has the potential of producing a good harvest? Once you know which seed you have, you can then embark on sowing the seed.

The things you do everyday are like planting seeds. How you nurture your seeds will result in what is known as the consequence/effect. This effect is fully dependent on how well the seeds are nurtured. With proper cultivation, care and nurture, the resulting crop will be in good shape. If not taken good care of, the crop becomes rotten and must be destroyed.

The quote from Oprah is an example of the intrinsic relationship among cause, effect and outcome. Your action is what you choose to do – the actions you choose to take, or not take, once a seed is planted. This action is the cause; cause is always an action.  The effect is the resulting reaction which is the condition or symptom that manifests once an action takes place. It is this symptom or condition that will ultimately affect the result of the quality of the harvest.

Human beings are the same. When you have clarity of your true self and your upbringing, you will be able to see how Cause and Effect inform the intrinsic values of your life journey.

In the November blogs, I will share with you how cause, effect and outcome can affect your career and how you can actually know, understand and master the co-relationships amongst these to propel you to peak performance.


Introduction to Cause, Effect and Outcome Co-Relationship

You may be familiar with the quote, when you take positive, instant and predictable actions “You reap what you sow.”  The things you do everyday are like planting seeds, when you take good care of nurturing the seeds, you get a reaction which is known as a consequential effect, this effect with proper cultivation the crop will be in good shape, if not taken good care of; the crop is rotten or destroyed. And those seeds with proper cultivation produce a crop which is the outcome of your reactions.

The quote is an example of the cause, effect and outcome relationship. Your action, sowing good or bad seeds, produces a reaction, a healthy or rotten harvest.

A cause is an action, and the effect is the resulting reaction which is the condition or symptom, the symptom will ultimately affect the result of the quality of the harvest.

Human beings are the same, clarity of your true self and the upbringings decide the intrinsic values of our life journey.

The meaning of this idiom is very negative. It means the person has done bad things and will be punished.


Definition of Cause, Effect and Outcome

In the cause, effect and outcome relationship, everything triggers as a result of a chain of actions that come with a chain of reactions.

A cause is a catalyst (a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change), a situation, a motive, or an action that brings about a chain of reaction – or reactions. A cause instigates or triggers an effect. A cause can come from a weakness or a strength.

An effect is a condition, occurrence, or result generated by one or more causes. Effects are symptoms or conditions.

An outcome is something that follows as a result of a consequential effect from the root cause of a given situation.


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