Whatever that is Predictable is Manageable and Preventable. 

Dr Bernard Yeo (Hon PhD, Human Capital Development and Human Profiling)

Dr Bernard Yeo is a researcher and founder of the World First 21st Century Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling, as well an International and ACTA Certified Trainer and the Author of the BEST-SELLING BOOK, ‘Know Your Number, Know Yourself”.

Dr Yeo has been researching the Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP) since 2008. Over the course of 10 years, he has put in over 70,000 hours of research to analyse more than 12,000 people stemming across diverse cultures, genders and backgrounds while reading hundreds of journals and thousands of articles during his development of the UCMHP Technique.

The results of his labours was a methodology proven to reveal your Universal Character, thereby enabling his students to unlock the secret codes to achieving success in all areas of your life, including your health, wealth, career, relationships, family, academics and business or investments.

For his efforts, in 2012 Dr Yeo was awarded the Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Award.

In 2013, he was conferred Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling for his outstanding research.

In 2014 & 2015, UCMHP Academy was awarded the Asia Excellence Award, SME Asia Award, Singapore Excellence Award and Asia Pacific Brands Award.

2016 – Dr. Bernard Yeo was awarded Top Business Brand 2016 / 2017

2017 – Dr. Bernard Yeo was conferred the honorable award of Global Entrepreneurship Excellence 2017, witnessed by Asia’s royal families, nobilities and luminaries.

To this day, Dr Yeo continues to dig deeper into the mysteries of the human psyche and remains eager to share his discoveries with the world.

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