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Dr. Bernard Yeo, Hon PhD was born in 1957, in a village called Kampong Silat in Singapore. From the tender age of 6, he had to sell pastries from door to door to support his impoverished family.

He and his entire family had to toil constantly to sustain their family of 10; 8 children and 2 adults. They lived in an Attap house and whenever it rained, they would have had to place empty biscuit tins throughout various parts of the house to contain the rainwater dripping through the roof.
After struggling to complete secondary school, Dr. Bernard Yeo, Hon PhD joined the Singapore Police Force when he was 18 years old in 1975, before leaving the force in 1982.

7 years later, he started a small business with his partner. The business was profitable for a short while until an unfortunate turn of events forced them to sell their business. His partner had been swindled by his acquaintances.

Fortunately, his 3rd brother, Erik, loved the idea of what he had been doing - selling gifts and souvenirs. And as such, Erik started a similar business in one of the shopping centers in Singapore. Although Dr. Bernard Yeo, Hon PhD was not a shareholder in the business, he was content to know that 4 of his brothers were, (and still are) doing very well in their careers. Dr. Bernard Yeo, Hon PhD then attempted to start other businesses, as well as doing some charity events. However, none of them progressed well and they almost led him to declare bankruptcy.

In 2008, Dr.Bernard Yeo, Hon PhD began his research on behavioral science profiling to understand the intricacies of the human mind and character. During his career in law-enforcement, he inevitably, and naturally, encountered an array of individuals, each unique in their behaviors, personalities, and character, typically during extremely challenging circumstances.

Upon realising that the profiling method he learned was inadequate to address the gaps in the prediction and analyses of human communications and emotional actions, he concluded that the human behavioral science, although useful, could not completely explain the vast questions he had about the conscious, and unconscious thoughts of an individual and its impact on their behavior as well as their personality.

Determined to discover the answers, his research uncovered nine fundamental unique character types. With his new-found knowledge, he dreams to teach this revolutionary universal methodology to anyone who might need it. He has unselfishly created a lifetime user manual of the mind to help people to attain knowledge and master the clarity of their mind and true self that can help to achieve healthy success in all aspects of their life.

The Story Of Dr Bernard Yeo, Hon PhD