Rescheduling Terms and Conditions

Rescheduling for confirmed enrolments must be submitted via our online reschedule form at least seven (7) working days prior to the course date. Fee will be waived for all requests with supporting documents (ie. Medical Reasons, Covid, Work Commitment etc).

Reschedule Request

Reschedule Fees

1st to 2nd

No charge

3rd and Subsequent Reschedules

USD15.00 (Waivable with valid reasons and supporting documents)


In the event that you did not attend the course, we will automatically reschedule you for the next session and mark ‘REDEEMED’ your Free-of-Charge Reschedule Request

A maximum of five (5) reschedule requests are allowed. No rescheduling will be allowed after the 5th reschedule, and the enrolment will be considered a NO-SHOW. A refund request will not be considered.
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