Career & Money

Money, Career and Success
Money is a source to happiness but not the only source.

We must remember and learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as 'making a life'.
In UCMHP, we provide instant, accurate and easy to access, confidential analysis that are so important for survival, comfort and personal fulfillment. Many factors in your profiling shed light on your unique configuration for career and money. Many people want to know when they can grow rich; can I expect a promotion or a find a better new job? Can I go overseas to find career success? What direction should I go? When is a good time for me to switch my career?

UCMHP provides and give instant, accurate and useful advice on how you can get ahead based on who you are and not who your parents or loved ones think you are. Career and wealth come to you, should not be by force but by your Universal characteristics. UCMHP career and money analysis explores and align you with your natural Universal Character and identity what you can or should do and what you cannot do. It provides you what you should choose to do and do what you do what your choice is. You can never please everybody, those who aim to please everybody will end up pleasing nobody and you will end up with a lot of heartache and pain.

Time is Money, and Money is Energy. Many of you want to how, when and where your money will flow into your life and when your wealth pitfalls will be. It is one of the most direct and important questions you can ever ask, and you deserve and must have the answered with practical, useful insights and with effective remedies.
These complex questions require careful examination of your career and wealth chart as it involved the subtle impact on your career and money path.

UCMHP is able to give you insights about your choice career and money path and to identify your most ideal universal career and insights into whole life challenges and obstacles that may be holding you back all this while.

UCMHP methodology is to give you constructive advice on your most ideal career and wealth choices and enhance it with your personal universal character using your five senses profiling method as it is instant, accurate and easy to access. Most importantly is very affordable.

UCMHP also armed you with additional effective and practical tools to make sure you have a happy, healthy and success journey to your personal success. These tools have energy, vibration, frequency and magnetic field that are for commercial success. Below are some of the tools:

  • (1) Universal auspicious date and time of birth profiling for business engagement and meetings.
  • (2) Universal personal success, wealth and luck directions with task oriented tools.
  • (3) Universal hidden and blind spot potentials knowledge.
  • (4) Universal most ideal mobile telephone numbers, office telephone numbers, office address, car numbers...etc
  • (5) Universal Human Resource tools to recruit the right people for the right jobs, thus improve productivity.
  • (6) Universal rapport technology to deal with conflict and relationship management, also how to deal with difficult people.
  • (7) Universal Psychology of selling to improve revenue and enhance productivity.
  • (8) Universal compatible skills set to get the right potential partners for project and increase sale volume.
  • (9) Universal prediction of WORLD, PERSONAL ANNUAL AND MONTHLY OUTLOOKS, AND ALSO DAILY OUTLOOK for the purpose of RISK Management.

With these UCMHP Universal commercial and personal tools, it can help you see how quickly you can adapt to new opportunities and how you can best make the most of new prospects. Also, how and when to avoid commercial pitfalls etc..