Does UCMHP always work?

Yes.If you get it right, UCMHP always improves your living and work condition. It is based on research, statistic and mathematics calculation. It does not involve religion or superstition. It is instant, accurate, easy to access and understand, most importantly it is affordable to learn. But UCMHP is not a magic cure all for every one of your problems.

Understanding and knowledge of your higher consciousness and mastering over your true self allow you to love your choices and choose what you do and love best.

Remember that whatever is predictable is preventable. Character is destiny, character is inborn. If you are not fated to become a big tycoon, UCMHP may make you rich, but not seriously very, very wealthy! That depends on your commitment in life. And if you practice UCMHP methodology, you will be presented with opportunities to enhance your life or improve your income. You must create your own mankind by knowing these opportunities, and accepting your good fortune when it is there for you to enjoy.

What if my bad luck is due to the destiny date and time of birth? Is there anything I can do to correct it?

Yes, you can correct your weaknesses, manage your strength and universal character which is also your destiny, you can avoid pitfalls and obstacles and be healthy and wealthy within the shortest period of time. You have to practice the 9 simple and effective remedies faithfully.

Is UCM Human Profiling(UCMHP) related to Feng Shui or Fortune Telling?

UCMHP is not Feng Shui . But many of my students who practices, Feng Shui, Purple Star Feng Shui or they call it Ziweidoushu. Bazi, I-Chng, Qimendunjia, Face reading, Palm reader and even Astrologists said that UCMHP is very similar to their methods in many ways. Actually, from my research, UCMHP enhances the analysis of all other meta-physic practices. UCMPH does not involve in religion and superstition. It is based on mathematics calculation, statistic and scientific studies.

Is it true that those people born in the same day, month and year has the same destiny?

When 2 people are both on the same day, month or year, their destiny is the same means that if one of them has 3 down falls, the other will also have 3 downfalls, if one has cancer or sit on wheel chair, the other will also have cancer and sit on wheel chair. Please take note that their lifestyle, political situations, educational back ground, their children and their spouse are all different.

Can we change our Destiny?

Yes, when we manage of behavior, personality and universal character, correct our weaknesses behaviors and personality, we can actually change our destiny.

Who, why, how and when can I learn UCMHP?

You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all our seminars' schedules.

Can UCMHP analyses a person life span?

Yes, in your personal chart, you can see your health problems and able to when you will have serious illnesses.

Can UCMPH analyses how many children or the gender of the baby?

Yes, the accuracy is up to 80% because some people have multiple sex partners or marriages.

What are the benefits of UCMHP?

UCMHP is about knowledge of your true self and higher consciousness. With that it empowered you with the power of choice, with choice, we choose what we love to do and love what we choose to do. If you are happy with what you do, naturally there will be peace and harmony within. It helps you to manage you wealth, health, relationship, career, business and enhance your personal quality of life. You can also learn how to manage, difficult people, instant universal rapport technology, conflict and relationship management.

What is the difference between UCMHP and other numerology techniques or other form of meta-physic?

UCMHP is the one and only one in the world discovered by Dr Yeo. There is no self bias and the analysis is instant and accurate. It is not that UCMPH is better than any other teachings methods. In fact, the unique UCMHP enhances the other teachings which has their own strengths.

Is it true that UCMHP can analyze a child's student technique?

Yes, UCMHP is the only one in the world that has study technique which is universal and can identify even babies' study skills technique from the first day they are born. Many parents make two big mistake, firstly, by communicating with your child or teaching your child how to study using your personal sense and not theirs. This is very serious, because if you are visual and your child is audio, you are likely to vomit blood as the study technique for visual and audio differ very much. Secondly, you choose the study and career path for your child using your own senses, for example, you child is a visual person and he be a medical doctor whereas, you prefer him to be an engineer as you are audio, what happens is that he is likely not to excel in his career and caused him a lot of precious time pursuing the wrong career and ended not happy and start all over again. The above all it will cause you and them many heartache and pain. When they are not happy, they might quarrel with their spouses, beat their children and ended up with broken families.

Is Dr Yeo a Fengshui master, Fortune teller or Astrologist?

No he is not. Many people think that Dr Yeo is a Fengshui Master, Fortune teller or Astrologist. There are many similar aspects in all the others teachings.

UCMHP integrates many scientifically proven personalities profiling such as NLP, DISC Profiling, Enneagram, MBTI...etc, and found that all the common factor are analyzed the same way. Combining with the 2'500 years' scientifically proven Pythagoras Theorem, the foundation is very strong and it is also a perfect match.

Does UCMHP Academy trains students to become teachers or consultants, can they make a good living in this business?

Yes, we encourage and most willing to train students to become professional trainers and consultants. It is a very big market. The fastest grow business is LIFE MENTOR COACH. Where you teach people about how to manage their life so that they can be successful within the shortest period of time and enjoy what they want to do and contributing back to the society, also to make this world a better place for all to stay.

Who are UCMHP students and from which country?

I have students who are Housewife, Hawker, Graduate, Taxi driver, small business owner, Professor, Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Child Psychologist, Medical Surgeon, Corporate Lawyer, Scientist, Pastor, Religious, Leaders of all faiths, Councillor, Police Officer, Prison Office, Engineers, University Lecturer, Principal of child care center, Educationist, Teachers, Seminars master trainer, Business owner, Human Resource Practitioner, Accountant, NLP master trainer, DISC Practitioner, Enneagram, MBTI Practitioner.

We have also Chinese Physician, Fengshui Master, Bazi Master, I-Chng Master, Purple star(Ziweidoushu) practitioner, Qimendunjia Practitioners, Astrologist, Face Reading and palm read expert,

Who is Dr Yeo and is it true that he has a Academic PhD?

No Dr has an Honorary Doctorate and not an academic doctorate. An Honorary Doctorate is conferred by the University to those who have excel in outstanding work. Dr Yeo's Honorary Doctorate is for his outstanding research work on HUMAN PROFILING.

Who is behind Dr Yeo and does he has a support team?

All by himself in his research work, he has four staffs managing his administrative, finance, operation, IT support and logistic work.

Can UCMHP graduates make money?

Yes, this is a good career. But not for everyone. You have check with him first. To learn for personal gain and to teach are two very different matters.

It is good to tell people about their lifetime destiny?

Analyzing and helping others to understand themselves better, helping children to excel in their studies and career, is also a good thing to do. But when you abuse it and cheat people, then is no good. If you help people to better their lives and they contribute to the society, this world will be a better place for all of us to live. You actually help in Rescue and Harmonious Development To All Mankind In this World and thus brings Peace And Harmony to all.

How long Dr Yeo being teaching and how many years of research work?

Dr Yeo research is now in the 6 years and still ongoing. He starts teaching when he was doing research on Human Profiling. He was a senior officer in the red cross and in the police force for six and a half years. He is also a Reiki Master and a very experienced Community events' specialist.