About UCMHP Academy


UCMHP Academy is founded by Dr Bernard Yeo,  whom is also the founder of the UCM Human Profiling method. The sole reason for setting up UCMHP Academy is to teach UCM Human Profiling method to the world.

“Nothing will be held back, everything will be taught” ~ Dr Bernard Yeo
This is also the method of UCMHP Academy and we will do so professionally, efficiently and with integrity. By being able to predict the un-predictable, we can manage the un-manageable.

OUR Vision Statement

"UCMHP envisions a future where every person has the equal opportunity to discover their Universal Character and use this new-found universal knowledge to maximize and leverage on their hidden potentials to succeed further in all areas of their lives."


OUR Mission Statement

"Our mission, at UCMHP is to provide you the key to unlocking your Universal Character for personal growth, gain deeper understanding of your

true self & higher consciousness."